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J - Janome Continental M17


Continental M17

At a glance…  

  • Embroidery / Quilting / Sewing
  • Workspace 343mm/13.5″
  • Biggest Hoop 460mm x 280mm
  • Accurate Stitch Regulator
  • Sewing speed 1,300spm

Janome's top-of-the-line combo machine offering the highest levels of functionality and quality. While retaining all the traditional usability of Janome, the Continental M17 incorporates challenging new features and provides even greater comfort and luxury.

The largest sewing area in the industry matched the largest embroidery space. Quilting features now include stitch regulator with our NEW A.S.R. – Accurate Stitch Regulator and the Fastest Sewing speeds, are just a few of the many reasons to love this new model. Huge flat work-area 343mm (13.5″). Dual integrated touch screens: Edit, design and create on the large, 10.1″ LCD touchscreen, it is so easy to navigate; then when you’re ready to sew or embroider, the second screen, will allow you to fine-tune your stitches, tension, foot pressure, and more! Introducing new features such as the Thumb wheel function, means you can delicately control the needle position to finish those intricate sewing projects. 850 built-in stitches, including 13 buttonholes and alpha numeric fonts including 9mm lettering and numbers. Over 1,200 built-in embroidery designs and the largest embroidery hoop in the industry at 460mm x 280mm, opens up a whole new world of design capabilities. Five embroidery hoops to use with built-in designs from monogramming to sashiko and everything in between. Janome original features such as AcuFeed and QuiltBlockAdvisor are included, plus Artistic Digitizer Jr software is supplied within the Bonus Embroidery Quilting Kit. Let the Continental M17 take you to the highest level of your creative abilities.


Janome Continental CM17

A.S.R. – Accurate Stitch Regulator

Product Information

WiFi Connectivity with iPad, Laptop & PC

Wireless connectivity with PC plus iOS and android devices.

Work Space

To the right of the needle: Width 343mm (13.5") Height 140mm (5.5")

Sewing Speed

up to 1300 stitches per minute

Pivot Function


Easy Change Needle Plate

Automatic one-touch replacement. Press needle plate icon on screen, the needle plate is electronically lifted, remove and attach required needle plate.

Machine Screen 

Dual interactive touch screens. Adjust stitch settings, tension, foot height, plus lock & needle plate functions.
Middle screen is easily accessible to quickly adjust any stitch settings.

Built-in Stitches


Stitch Width




Stitch Tapering Function


Needle Positions


Presser Foot Lift Button


Foot Pressure

Yes, electronic automatic control

Embroidery Speed

Up to 1,200 stitches per minute.

Built-in Embroidery Designs


Maximum Embroidery Area

280mm x 460mm

Built-in Embroidery Fonts


Built-in Letter Monogramming

Yes, 2 & 3 letter monogramming, plus emblems, normal sew stitches and border designs.

Standard Embroidery Hoops

4 Standard Hoops (RE46d 280×460, SQ28d 280×280, RE20d 140×200, SQ10d 100×100) Plus Bonus AcuFil Quilting Hoop ASQ27d (270×270)

Needle Threader

Computerised automatic needle threader.

Upper Feed Device

Yes. This model comes with 7 Dual Feed feet (3 twin dual, 3 single dual & 1 professional dual)


9 super white bright LED's in 4 locations across workarea.

Machine Ports

2 USB ports, 1 PC port, Thread cutter port

Standard Sewing Feet

35 including 4 Accurate Stitch Regulator Feet (closed-toe, open-toe, clear-view and Ruler Work)

Extra Wide Table


Built-in Memory

Up to 64MB

Machine Size with Emb Arm Attached

Length 1112mm x Height 354mm x Width 712mm (43.8" x 13.9" x 28")


Machine + Embroidery Unit = 30.3Kg

Free Arm Length

This is a flat-bed machine

Quick Reference Stitch Chart

Available on machine screen, handy at-a-glance stitch charts which can be safely stored on back of the machine storage bin;
plus the FREE Janome APP called AcuAssist (iOS & android) has images of all built-in stitches for easy viewing.
With a wireless connection to the machine send your chosen stitch to the machine from your device and stitch.

Sewing Applications

Yes, one of the modes available from the Home Menu.

Stitch Length

up to 5mm

Speed Control Slide


Stitch Elongation

Yes, up to 5 times on satin stitches.  

Favourite Stitch

Yes, available on all stitches & buttonholes but not including alphabets and created stitches.

Mirror Image Stitches



Yes, when startover selected, stitch will reset to the beginning. 

Bobbin Winder

Yes, independent bobbin winder. Able to wind a bobbin while sewing.

Set Menu

Personalize the machine functions via the Set Menu. 

Fonts in Normal Sew

English & European alphabet: Block, Script, Broadway.
Turkmen alphabet.
Russian alphabet: 4 fonts + Cyrillic font.

AcuFeed Balance

Yes, on screen.

Drop Feed

When you raise the sewing foot the feed dogs automatically drop.

Superior Plus Feed System

7 piece feed dog, new style.

Needle Plate

Advanced needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot.
This model has 3 different needle plates – Standard, Straight Stitch and Professional Grade.

Thread Cutter

Automatic programmable thread cutter; cuts top & bobbin thread at the same time, pulling top thread to underside, consistent cut thread tail of 12mm.
Also, standard with this model is the remote thread cutter switch activated by your foot. Remote thread cutter attaches to a base plate with the foot control.

Stop/Start Button

Able to sew without foot control. Hold in button when starting to sew & machine sews slow, same at end of sewing press & hold button, machine will sew slow.
Sewing speed is controlled by speed slide on the front of the machine.

Needle Up/Down Function

You can memorise this function, needle can remain in down position in fabric when stop sewing (default setting) or be programmed to stop in the up position.

Auto Lock-off Stitch button

Locks off your stitching at the push of button.

Lock Button

This is a safety function which locks the machine to activate easy change over needle plate, when threading, changing the needle or changing sewing foot.

Reverse Button


Cloth Guide

The cloth guide attaches to the machine at the bobbin holder cover. It is a free standing attachment with a manual adjustment slide.


Yes, the set of 3 AcuView Optic Magnifiers™ (1.2, 1.4, 1.6 lens) are supplied with the machine. 

Adjustable Knee Lifter

Yes, electronic.

Variable Zig Zag

Free motion stitching using zig zag stitch. The stitch width is controlled by the knee lift. Great for thread art or creative free motion work.

Embroidery Unit

The embroidery unit is a gantry style unit which attaches to the left end of the machine. This unit can also be utilised as an extended work-area;
with the touch of a button, you can move the hoop connector to the top of the embroidery arm from its default lowest position.

Upper Thread Sensor


Bobbin Thread Sensor

Yes, optical.

Real-time Monitoring of needle position during embroidery stitch-out

Yes, able to see on embroidery screen, the needle position as it embroiders a design.

Embroidery Hoops

RE46d 280mm x 460mm
SQ28d 280mm x 280mm
RE20d 140mm x 200mm
SQ10d 100mm x 100mm
ASQ27d 270mm x 270mm

Software & APP's

PC software is downloadable for Stitch Composer / Screen Saver Tool / Quilt Block Advisor (Windows only).
5 FREE Janome APP's available from APP Store or Google Play.
(Embroidery-Link, AcuAssist, AcuSketch, AcuSetter & ScreenSaverTool)


Janome accessory case.
In the top of the machine.
At the top right back of the machine.
Inside the embroidery table front and rear panels.

Carry Handle

Short handle folds neatly behind the top cover of the machine + hand holes are built-in on each end of the machine base to safely move the machine. 

Janome Accessory Carrying Case

Provided with the machine is a Janome branded accessory case with 3 specially moulded trays, to store the majority of the accessories supplied with this machine.

Foot Control

Large Style with base to fit supplied thread cutter switch

Internal Frame

Rigid die-cast aluminium frame for stable sewing at high speeds


15 languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian & Czech.

Standard Accessories

·         Zigzag Foot A
·         Couching Foot PC-1
·         Couching Foot PC-2
·         Rolled Hem Foot D
·         Zipper Foot E
·         CONCEAL® Zipper Foot Z
·         Satin Stitch Foot F
·         Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
·         Blind Hemming Foot G
·         Professional Grade Foot HP
·         Overcasting Foot M
·         1/4? Seam Foot O
·         1/4? Seam Foot without guide O
·         Embroidery Foot P
·         Positioning Marker Embroidery Foot PM
·         Darning Foot PD-H
·         Open-toe Darning Foot PD-H
·         Free Motion Quilting Closed-toe Foot QC
·         Free Motion Quilting Open-toe Foot QO
·         Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot QV
·         Ruler Work Foot QR
·         Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot QZ
·         Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
·         Stabilizer Plate for Buttonhole Ft
·         Button Sewing Foot T
·         Button Shank Plate
·         Accurate Stitch Regulator
·         ASR Closed-toe Foot ASR-QC
·         ASR Clear-view Foot ASR-QV
·         ASR Open-toe Foot ASR-QO
·         ASR Ruler Work Foot ASR-QR
·         AcuFeed Dual Holder (twin)
·         AcuFeed Dual Foot AD (twin)
·         AcuFeed Dual Open Toe Foot UD (twin)
·         AcuFeed Dual Quilt Piecing Foot OD (twin)
·         AcuFeed Dual Ditch Quilting Foot SD (twin)
·         AcuFeed Professional Grade Foot HP2
·         AcuFeed Dual Holder (single)
·         AcuFeed Dual Foot VD (single)
·         AcuFeed Dual Zipper Foot ED (single)
·         Regular Needle Plate
·         Straight Stitch Needle Plate
·         Professional Grade Needle Plate HP
·         Optic Magnifier 20
·         Optic Magnifier 40
·         Optic Magnifier 60
·         Embroidery Hoop RE46d 280 x 460
          (inc template)
·         Embroidery Hoop SQ28d 280 x 280
          (inc template)
·         Embroidery Hoop RE20d 140 x 200
          (inc template)
·         Embroidery Hoop SQ10d 100 x 100
          (inc template)
·         Magnetic Clamps x 8 (RE46d & SQ28d)
·         Special Bobbin Holder for embroidery
·         Bobbin Thread for Embroidery
·         Felt (320 x 320)
·         Felt (500 x 620)
·         Stabilizer (320 x 320)
·         Stabilizer (500 x 620)
·         5 x Janome Plastic Bobbins
·         Needle Set
·         Lint Brush
·         Embroidery Scissors
·         Screwdriver
·         Seam Ripper
·         Quilting Guide Bar
·         Yarn Guide
·         Spool Holder (large) x 2
·         Spool Holder (small) x 2
·         Spool Holder (special) x 2
·         Spool Rest x 2
·         Net x 2
·         Sub Thread Guide Stick
·         Adjustable Knee Lifter
·         Touch Panel Stylus
·         Cloth Guide
·         Bobbin Holder Cleaner
·         At a Glance Stitch Charts
·         Quick Start Guide
·         Threading Guide Sticker
·         Protective Sticker
·         Protective Sticker Instruction
·         Power Cable
·         USB Cable
·         Large Foot Control
·         Thread Cutter Switch
·         Semi-hard Fabric Machine Cover
·         Accessory Case
BONUS Embroidery Quilting Kit includes
·         Embroidery Hoop ASQ27d 270 x 270
          (inc template)
·         Magnetic Clamps x 8 (ASQ27d)
·         Artistic Digitizer Jr Software


Product Brochure

Product information

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